Personal Journey

Since I’m not one to be impressed by certifications and titles or like to present myself as entirely self-made. Instead, I hold a deep admiration for personal dedication and commitment. Thus, I’d like to share my journey over the years.

I believe that the true realization of the knowledge and experiences we accumulate in life occurs when we’re in a position to express authentic gratitude and appreciation for those who have contributed to our journey. So, it’s now my turn to convey my profound gratitude to all those individuals who, in various ways, have supported me and shared their wisdom, patience, and love, all of which have played a significant role in shaping the person I am today.
I’d like to recognise some of the most important people I’ve had the privilege of studying closely over many years—individuals from whom I’ve absorbed the very essence of their teaching. Let me begin with my parents, as they have provided the foundational elements for my existence.

My utmost respect and gratitude go to my first meditation and personal development teacher, Sonia. She is a truly remarkable human being, dedicated to serving others without seeking personal gain, and she was my guiding light when it came to defining my spiritual values in life.
Shakila Ioanna Brati is a generous and multi-skilled remarkable shaman and crystals lover, who shared her magic and healing.
Per Wibe, a Master of Kriya yoga, who graciously shared the alchemy of breath.
Aris & Natasha, my beloved craniosacral teachers, who have imparted the wisdom of tuning into body consciousness and exploring what is held within, bringing it into the light.
Ma Amanda Sarita, the mother of tantra, a beacon of optimism in life, and a truly joyful and playful human being. She gifted me with the ability to relate to myself and others, the art of connecting.
Ahlmeirah, a delicate fairy who shared her magic and immersed me in the mysteries of the inner psyche.

Lucia Rene, a mystic who seems to repeatedly intersect with my life, has had a profound impact on me through her transmissions.
Kyriakos Kalis, a genuine spiritual warrior in every sense, a humble human being, and a brother who initiated me into the world of martial arts and mastering the inner warrior.

Amma Usha Regina, a wonderful mate and healer, an honor to journey with her along the tantric path, and reach even greater depths of connection.
Tom Kenyon, a master of vibrations, a cosmic bird with his songs, and his teachings on navigating through the fields of consciousness.

And, of course, I’d like to express my profound gratitude to the powerful seer and channel, Jayne, as well as the Delphinians, the source of unwavering support and guidance throughout my journey. Words cannot fully capture the profound impact they still have have on my life.

A small note for the end, that I am acutely aware that our journey through life often exposes us to negative misperceptions. It is our responsibility to clear any negative perceptions that may have accumulated along the way. This process of clearing is essential to our journey of personal growth and evolution.

I carry with me all that I have gathered up to this point, as these experiences are my real inheritance for life. 
I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one, from the depths of my heart.
Today by maintaining authentic relationships or partnerships with many of them, I believe that this is the ultimate blessing.